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This month, behind the scenes at GatePass, we are reviewing the Bills feature. We understand that manual bill payment and collection is the main cause of friction in a lot of communities. Dealing with deadlines when one is unable to remit payments physically or having to pester residents for payments is never a pleasant experience. Due to a lack of transparency, residents are concerned about how estate managers use their money and might be unwilling to make further payments. To prevent a disruption in cash flow, managers have to cajole and plead with residents to pay bills. This chain reduces the quality of service provided by managers, diminishes the living experience for residents, and ultimately builds a lack of trust between both parties.

Here is how GatePass, helps your community beat this system and break this vicious cycle:

  • As a manager, you can efficiently assign bills to residents, track payments made, and minimize defaults by rewarding early payments with benefits such as discounts on upcoming bills.
  • Managers can now create a collection account in the community manager web app specifying the bank account they want the bills to be paid into.
  • Managers get both email and in-app notifications when bills are remitted and will be able to keep track of bills through the Community Manager app.
  • Bills can be created on the community manager web app for specific communities and assigned to selected households or all households in that community.
  • As a community, you build transparency and trust.

Here, bill payments and collection is easy, flexible, and organised.

We are constantly working to improve our service for both managers and residents. We have optimised our bill payment feature to allow managers to create bill categories based on their preferred style of capturing consumption.

  1. Fixed Bills — the bills split (often equally) across all homes within the community, such as the estate security dues and facility management bills;
  2. Variable Bills — the bills determined by the individual consumption of a household such as a power bill; and
  3. Tariff Bills — the bills determined by a pre-agreed tariff/charge per unit of consumption.

We know that any given bill falls into one of these three categories. This way, bills are better organised and easily tracked for your residents.

You can assign bills to households in 5 easy steps

  • Select ‘Bills’ on the Community Manager web app dashboard
  • Create a ‘New Bill’ by filling the gaps appropriately
  • Choose the community and household you want to levy
  • Select the collection account for receiving payment
  • Click on ‘Assign Bill’

Residents are notified of newly assigned bills and regularly reminded of pending bills on the homepage of the GatePass app. This helps them budget accordingly and top up their wallets ahead of payments. As a resident, you can choose the ‘Pay All’ option to sort out all pending bills at once. You can view bills on your resident app (IOS or Android) as well as remit them via Paystack. Your payment will be sent to the collection account specified by the manager.

With our optimized Bills feature, bill payment is easy for residents and collection is hassle-free for managers.

Do you still struggle with bill sorting and payments in your community? Get GatePass in your community today by scheduling a demo here! Are you an existing user? Try using GatePass for your next bill collection or payment, and let us know how it goes!



Digital Solution Helping Communities Grow Together | GatePass connects estate managers and their residents on issues that matter. 👋

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Digital Solution Helping Communities Grow Together | GatePass connects estate managers and their residents on issues that matter. 👋